South Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors
SDSPLS was established to facilitate and promote Professional Land Surveying in the State of South Dakota.

Our mission is to promote the profession, assist surveying professionals through education and information, and to provide a unified voice for fellow surveyors in South Dakota.

We welcome you to use this site to enhance your knowledge and gain a better understanding of how we are working to elevate the surveying profession in South Dakota.

From President Lamke (November 2015) 
So, finally the 2015 Survey Season is winding down.  Would somebody please tell the contractors that the 2015 Survey Season is winding down?!?  Well, it will eventually happen, but until then I hope you are all having a good year.

The October Board meeting found your Board of Directors taking care of Society business, as well as hammering out details on the Guidelines for the Practice of Land Surveying in SD.  As usual, the process went along smoothly until we reached the section on Improvement Location Exhibits- or Mortgage Surveys.  Love them or hate them, they are a service that land surveyors are called on to perform.  If surveyors don't do them, then the people that rely on them will invent something to fill the gap.  I know that I don't want another profession to decide that they don't need a surveyor to show where a structure is located on a lot. If we as a profession refuse to perform this type of survey, then the lenders and title companies will find another way to meet their survey needs.  Unfortunately, they refuse to require a boundary survey that would add more costs (as well as something of tangible value) to the purchase price, and so they seek the lowest price and lowest standard for the survey.  This also means that the quality of the survey suffers, and takes the profession along with it.  Any attempt to create a Standard Guideline for these surveys is met with resistance (or at least active discussion) from 1) surveyors that do them and 2) surveyors that refuse to do them.  Realtors and mortgage companies will eventually have their say as well and against reason they seem to guard the bottom line with remarkable tenacity.  I hope that we find middle ground that meets the needs of the people that require them to conduct their business.
M. Ben Lamke,  SDSPLS 2015 President   
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