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SDSPLS was established to facilitate and promote Professional Land Surveying in the State of South Dakota.

Our mission is to promote the profession, assist surveying professionals through education and information, and to provide a unified voice for fellow surveyors in South Dakota.

We welcome you to use this site to enhance your knowledge and gain a better understanding of how we are working to elevate the surveying profession in South Dakota.

From President Leetch  (February 2017) 
Over the years I have read the Presidents messages.  Within them there has been an array of topics of thought.  Now it is my turn, thanks to many of you.

Conference certainly was filled with thought provoking information. Mr. Pallamary opened with "Measurement is Dead", which certainly is true when thinking about dragging a chain.  However, there is still measurement, be it by another method.  The user of the instrument used still needs the keen mind to ascertain if the result is tolerable.  His message throughout the conference was to look beyond the rod and chain.  What else can surveyors do with the respect you have earned as the professional surveyor in your area or region?  Quote our surveyor information flier "It's Your Land" and the surveyor should say - "and how can I help you develop this asset". We cannot afford to give up those development/site plans, home inspections, and advisories to the landowner of rules that apply to changes they may be thinking.

Mr. Penry was a little less controversial and presented a new respect for the Missouri River and how it was mapped and monuments set. 
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